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Mindful Eating

At our retreats we get many people coming with a big list of questions about nutrition. People would ask is coconut water good for you? Is falafel good for you? Are vegan ready meals good for you? is eating meat good for you?   Are smoothies good for you? And our host would listen to all of the questions and thank them for taking the time to formulate them. Then she would sit quietly and say I have 3 answers…

When you choose to eat something think of these 3 things

  1. Is it close to the source?
  2. Everything in moderation
  3. How does it make you feel?

It was the best piece of nutritional advice I have ever heard. It’s simple – Stay close to the source (real food), don’t over eat or consume anything in particular and if it makes you feel good after eating it, it probably is good for you!

When you connect yourself to the process of what eating essentially is which is feeding our very precious bodies nutrition to help us function and survive, it’s pretty clear that food that has been manipulated is going to be unhealthier. FULL STOP.

It is a scientific fact that as soon as you cut a vegetable it looses its nutrients and the longer it has been left the fewer nutrients it has…. So if your food has been made in some warehouse and sat for hours and then manipulated, then covered with sauce with preservatives, then packaged in plastic or foil, then delivered to a huge supermarket then sat in a fridge and finally picked by you and eventually ended up on your plate after been blasted in the microwave (Don’t even get me started on that microwaves) Well yeah…chances are you may as well be eating cardboard.


Example; paying £3-4 for a smoothie, coconut water (which mostly are full of sugars in any case) or Coffee (generally made with cheap cows milk pumped full of hormones) I mean coffee contains caffeine that unbalances your mood, it brings you up to bring you crashing down… why bother? OK, OK, I hear you! But lets take a minute to think about our food habits.

Years and years of pumping our bodies full of this stuff, will have an effect on our health our chemistry, our brains our bodies?

Your body is a temple, feed is with love and nutrients, the less manipulated food is the better, chop a carrot, become part of the experience of your food, its like turning up to your life, In all areas, make an effort to actually acknowledge what you are eating, has it graced the land? Has it been kissed by the sun? And if it hasn’t maybe you shouldn’t be eating it.

As the wonderful Thich Nhat Hanh once said – When we choose to eat mindfully, we are in touch with the essence of life, the now, the present, we are real and this piece of bread is real and this moment is true life. It helps us become truly present. It is a miracle, I am here, I am alive, and it’s a miracle that this piece of bread has come to me, to nourish me, turn eating into a small a ritual of gratitude a moment to focus on nothing else but the food and the appreciation of our life and abundance.

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The Genesis of Synergy Experiences

Synergy Experiences

Day and weekend retreats

Clover Norton

Love, Belief, Courage, Gratitude & Happiness  – 5 Affirmations

I would place these five words throughout five different points of my  home and by the time I was ready to leave the house, I would feel  better.

Love, by my bedside table to remind me of the Love I already had, my son.

Belief, on the bathroom mirror, Belief in a better future.

Courage, on the fridge – be brave, come on you can do this!

Gratitude, in the living room – at least I have a roof over my head and shoes on my feet.

Happiness, on the inside of the front door – smile big, fake it until you make it – as I walked out of the door…!

Visualising these five words helped me take little steps to grow in confidence and get stronger every day. I hoped that by designing my jewellery and sharing this story I can help other women.

Everyone can use these tools. These five humble words are inscribed for you in sterling silver on my jewellery. Wear  them  and may they be a visual reminder to help  you feel good and positive, every day.

The Launch of Synergy Experiences

Now I want to take this vision even further. After two years of working  closely with my customers, many of whom I have been fortunate to meet, I  realise how everyone relates to my 5 humble words, that somehow, within  my own desperation I tapped into 5 major layers of life. They are 5  affirmations that can empower you in every single way, it is a simple  formula that anyone can master. The purpose of our retreats is to create a space for women, a safe sanctuary to reconnect, to cleanse, nurture  and work softly on these affirmations and on our mind, body & soul.

Our Team

Nina   I  have been lucky enough to put together the team of my dreams for  Synergy Experiences.  Nina is amazing, she is actually responsible for enlightening and helping me on my own journey of self discovery.  Nina gave me tools that have helped me with my ups and downs throughout the last 10 years. Nina is a fantastic yoga teacher and has been running retreats for over 14 years, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Together we have meticulously  curated day or weekend retreats to truly inspire you.

Mandy our chef, has lived an extraordinary life  bringing up her children in Ibiza, Holland and Morocco.  I am  particularly impressed with her Spanish / Arab influences within her cooking and her stories delight us all.

Clover Founder of Synergy and co-host, I bring my experience of mindfulness and I playfully involve the power of affirmations on our retreats.

We  are a vegetarian / pescetarian retreat  because we really want to enhance your cleansing experience, please don’t worry, you will not be hungry on our retreats, we promise!

Locations and  Venues

Gaucin, Malaga, Spain   I  moved to Gaucin when I was 8 years old and I didn’t speak a word of  Spanish, in fact, I had never even been to Spain. We left our lives in  Notting hill and moved to this tiny mountain village of barely 1000 residents. My days were spent climbing rock faces, running from goats  and trespassing land to build dens. Gaucin holds a very special place in  my heart, not just for its breath-taking views over the Straits of  Gibraltar, the Mediterranean and Africa, but for its hospitality. As a  little girl I remember playing in the courtyard of Casa Nuez, (our next retreat venue) and I actually sold my first Jewellery there at the age  of 12! This was at a Christmas fete which still continues every year to  this day. The truth is, despite the fact I have been fortunate enough to  travel all over the world there never has been a place quite so real,  dramatic and life affirming as Gaucin, and so for all of these reasons I  felt we should launch our retreats here. We look forward to  introducing you to this beautiful tiny corner of the world and it  becoming a special part of your journey too.

Shawford Parish Hall – Winchester

Lewes, Sussex, UK

Luxury venue for over night stay min of group of 6 people

Our retreat venue in Sussex seemed to find its way to us!  After an initial search for the perfect property (which did start to feel like a needle in a haystack) A friend of a friend came forth and advised us of this stunning property. The building has been made with much love and overlooks a beautiful private field with gentle views of the big trees beyond. Towards the end of the field there is a small private lake with a seating area, around the corner you can find a lagoon with a little shed to relax in and to the left we even have an outdoor fire pit to sit by. There are so many quirky inspiring spaces throughout the grounds we just knew it was the right place to inspire our guests. The house inside is modern with a really lovely homely feel to each room; there is much light pouring through every aspect of this house which translates well In all weather conditions, an important factor when choosing our venue in the UK!

Before you decide, ask yourself this question?

Trust me, I know!  Everything is a priority, our children, our work, our partners, our  friends, our parents, our pets… Everything! But, if for just one day or weekend you really did put yourself first and you joined one of our retreats you will truly get the chance to relax and reconnect, you will be looked after in a gentle and non-intrusive manner, our team will guide you to feel stronger, clearer, more empowered and what is more important you will own the tools we show you and you can bring the retreat experience into your life whenever you need it. Every single person around you will benefit from you having this experience, I promise.

Invest in yourself, you are so important.

Love Clover x


Tracey Amanda Worth reviewed Synergy Experiences5 stars

· Thank you so much for everything. The experience has turned my life around. It came at a time that I really needed inspiring and uplifting. And it has definitely done that!!
The yoga class was the best I ever done. The massage was the best I’ve ever had. The healthy food was the best I’ve ever tasted.
The house and grounds and views are beautiful. The dogs a delight.
Thank you Clover Nina and Mandy.
Just done my 15 min yoga and 5min meditation. I’m now off shopping for all my new healthy ingredients for cooking great food.
I am happy.
I believe and have the courage to improve.
I am grateful to have had this experience.
I love. X

Sarah Stevens reviewed Synergy Experiences5 stars

· I have with sadness come to the end of this retreat and it surpassed ALL my expectations, delicious healthy food inspiring yoga, Nina and Clover know what they are talking about in a non judgemental informative way!!!! Lovely women too!!
I am returning to the UK with encouragement and commitment to continue with what I have learnt. The accommodation is very comfortable, beautiful surroundings, dog friendly and traditional.

Inquire about a space on our retreats below or visit

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The meaning behind our five messages

Mother talking to her daughter


This piece of jewellery has come into your life because you are Loved. Carry Love with you every day, let it be a gentle reminder of the Love you radiate and how much you are cherished. You are a unique & very special person.


This piece of jewellery has found its way to you to help you realise your dreams. By wearing Belief, you will be reminded to have faith in life. Believe in yourself and know that you are capable of amazing things and that you can reach your goals. Believe in miracles – they do happen… Trust that you are exactly where you need to be at this precise moment in life for your spirit to grow.


This piece of jewellery has come into your life to help you along the way. Have courage in your daily life and you will have the strength and confidence to confront everything that the day might bring. Courage is needed to achieve, to make changes, to take risks, and to live life to the full. With courage, you are fearless, focused and determined. Your Synergy jewellery will be a reminder that you are an amazing person who can take on any challenge with dignity and integrity.


This piece of jewellery has found its way to you because you are special. Wear Gratitude to remind you to thank the universe for all that is good in your life. Gratitude is a humbling and powerful quality. It is a state of mind that blesses everything and everyone around you. There is so much in your life to be thankful for; family, friends, opportunities and experiences.


This piece of jewellery has come into your life because you deserve it. A happy soul is a rich and peaceful soul. Wear Happiness and understand that you hold the key to your own happiness. Do the things that make you happy. Choose to be positive, to always learn, to love and to forgive. Radiate happiness; generate positive feelings and emotions around you. Share your positivity and reach out to others.

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A day at the Christmas market

A day on the market stall

Women are amazing… yes, believe it, if you are a woman, you are amazing!

Not just because we actually bring people into this world…. duh! We are amazing because we share our knowledge, our wisdom and our experiences with each other. We love unconditionally, we nurture, we feed our families daily and we keep our nest homely. We teach our children, we set them rules and we support them. We work and look after our elders. Take a minute to think about what an incredible job we all do and why we do it… We do this out of pure love, often asking for nothing in return because we love our families, our friends and colleagues unreservedly.

I love selling at the arts and crafts markets. I get to talk to my customers face to face and as I explain to them the meaning of the Synergy Necklace I can see them starting to think of someone in their lives who deserves to own and cherish one. I always like to gently ask, or maybe a customer will tell me who they are getting the Synergy Necklace for. It could be their daughter, their mother, their child’s godmother, their wife, their sister, their girlfriend, or even as a treat for themselves.

The truth is, is that the Synergy Necklace was created for all women because no matter who we are, whatever our age or what we do, we all need to feel appreciated.

Sometimes a customer will want to tell me a bit more about the person they are buying for and I am delighted to hear their personal stories. It filled me with so much joy to hear how two ladies, friends for 25 years, met. One lady explained to me that when her mother died, her mother’s friend had stepped in and been there for her ever since. Another explained that her daughter was going traveling around the world for a year and she wanted her to have something special to carry with her while she was away. One gentleman bought his wife a necklace for their 45th anniversary and he told me how in love with her he still was. Another lady bought one for her sister to wear on her wedding day.

With so many crazy things happening in the world, hearing tales of love, compassion and family from total strangers in a tiny little village hall, restores my faith in humankind.

I believe we all radiate love, we just need to be able to shine and that is why the core of the Synergy Necklace is the CZ (cubic zirconia) representing light. We all deserve to be given beautiful things and the Synergy Necklace is truly a gift with sentiment. It is a gift of love and light to remind the women in our lives how special they truly are.

Do you have a story you would like to share about the women in your life? Do any of these stories strike a chord with you? Has someone given you a Synergy Necklace as a gift? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.





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Let’s Celebrate Words this Christmas

Belief, courage, love, happiness, gratitude

Let’s Celebrate Words this Christmas

Our ability to communicate with words, set us apart from all other life forms on Earth. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Words can be the beginning of something and they can be the end of something. Words can mark a place in time and provoke feelings that can be etched in our memories forever.

Words form a large part of every event in our lives: With words, we love, we lust and we laugh. With words we teach others and pass down our wisdom. With words we show our anger, resolve conflict and clarify confusion.

Words in essence, may only be a sequence of letters, but they can be a powerful reminder of what is important to us. By saying or writing them down they can help us visualize and focus on that thought, object or emotion. Remember to use your words discerningly and think before you act. What you say can become part of your being and trigger the way you feel.

The words inscribed on your Synergy Jewellery have been carefully chosen and are a reminder of the qualities that help us stay content, peaceful and happy. Your Synergy Necklace can help you stay focused on being a more positive, loving and happy person, you will be rewarded. Every gesture of kindness radiates light, fights darkness and brings goodness into our lives.

What memories will you create with this Christmas? Make someone happy this Christmas with a Synergy Necklace, Its the gift that keeps on giving!

If you agree with our post or have a Synergy Necklace and would like to share your story please leave a comment below.

Much Love,



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Why these words

I would place these five words throughout five different points of my home and by the time I was ready to leave the house, I would feel better.

Love by my bedside table to remind me of the Love I already had, my son.

Belief on the bathroom mirror, Belief in a better future.

Courage on the fridge – be brave, come on you can do this!

Gratitude in the living room – at least I have a roof over my head and shoes on my feet


Happiness, on the inside of the front door – smile big, fake it until you make it – as I walked out of the door…!

Visualising these five words helped me take little steps to grow in confidence and get stronger every day.

I hope that by designing this necklace and sharing this story I can help other women. Everyone can use these tools.

These five humble words are engraved for you in sterling silver. Wear them on your Synergy Necklace and may they be a visual reminder to help you feel good and positive, every day.

Below is a poem I wrote during this time.

Cross Roads

In the beginning, what could I see?
I saw the light, drift away with might.
Was that the feeling of inner peace?
First given to us, but seems to cease.

If I was to look into myself and see
The sweet tunes of my melody
I’d look for answers of my soul
To understand my flight for whole

The arrows are pointing to a place of light
To fulfill my emptiness of what’s right
This pain is an illusion, but felt so deep
Where is the remedy of being able to sleep?

I’m tired of trying, but haven’t tried enough
Who holds the key to building me up!
The key is hidden deep down inside
If I reach to find it, I’ll be on my ride
A ride to freedom, to the unknown
I stand up, and I’m ready to Go!

Can you relate to this story? Have you every had to pick yourself up, dust your self down and start again? What or who helped you?

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What is a Synergy Sister?

Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. The term synergy comes from the Attic Greek word συνεργία meaning “working together”

The Synergy Necklace been designed to remind us of the incredible power of women, and the essence that makes us unique. And because the Synergy Necklace is for all women, we bring you the Synergy Sisters to embody the incredibly diversity of all of the women in our lives.

Synergy Sisters are all the women; your girlfriends, your daughters, your sister, your mother, your boss, your granddaughter. As you go through your life, you’ll need other women. Women always do.

So, don’t forget your Sisters. They’ll be more important as you get older. No matter how much you love your husband, no matter how much you love the children you may have, you are still going to need Sisters. Remember to go places with them, do things with them. Celebrate, grieve, hold on, let go.

Keep in touch with your Sisters and make more each year. As the years tumble by, one after another, you will gradually came to understand that as time and nature work their changes and their mysteries upon a woman, Sisters are the mainstays of your life.

Time passes. Life happens. Distance separates. Children grow up. Love waxes and wanes. People don’t do what they are supposed to do. Hearts break. Parents die. Careers end.

BUT… Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girlfriend is never farther away than needing her can reach. When times are tough, your Sisters will carry you through. The world wouldn’t be the same without these women. We have no idea of the incredible joys or sorrows that lie ahead. Nor do we know how much we will need each other.

Do you agree with this post? What experiences have you had in your life? What local and small charities would you suggest we support to help all women out there? Please leave comments below.

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These words of empowerment gave me the ability and strength to grow and achieve a great deal in my life

Clover Norton

Clover – MY STORY

Love, Belief, Courage, Gratitude, Happiness

At the age of 26 my life was a mess and I didn’t know where to turn. I was alone, a single mother in London, I had no money and I couldn’t find work. I had no family around to support me and, as hard as I tried to get a job, the recession had hit hard and I had no qualifications. Everyday I would wake up and hope that I was in a dream, that it wasn’t true that I couldn’t pay my bills, that I would have to go without food today because it could make the weekly shop go further.

I didn’t want to get out of bed; I didn’t want to do anything.

 But right when I was at my lowest ebb, it hit me – nobody was going to come and save me. I was going to have to save myself. I made the decision to take control and change my life.

That’s when The Words came to rescue me. I wrote words of empowerment and left them around the house to encourage myself. I wrote them on notepads, kept them in my purse, placed them on the mirror, or even wrote them on my hand. They were all positive reminders that I shouldn’t give up when things got tough. When I felt scared or sad they helped me to keep on fighting and remember that it was my conscious choice to change my life for the better.

I really believe that it was these words of empowerment gave me the ability and the strength to grow and achieve a great deal in my life.

So, with these words ringing through my head, I applied for a part time role at a small boutique on the local high street. I didn’t know much about retail back then, but my first day on the shop floor I found that I had a natural spark with customers. It turned out I was a great sales person! I worked hard and I got noticed and eventually became Area Manager of ten stores.

My life had taken a turn. Fast forward 8 years I am married to the love of my life and have a beautiful new baby daughter, a sister for my clever, handsome son. And so I wanted to pass the power of these words on to all the women, to the Sisters. I took up my pen and drew and sketched and refined, and created the Synergy Necklace of which I am so very proud.

Back in the stores my absolute favourite thing to sell was jewellery. I used to look into the jewellery cabinets and try to guess who all those pieces would eventually belong to. I loved thinking that every piece of jewellery already had an owner and was just waiting to be picked up.

I still believe this now.  I am so excited to launch the Synergy Necklace. This beautiful piece of jewellery that someday will belong to someone special.. and maybe that person is YOU!

Much love

Clover x