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Interview with the House of Coco

House of Coco

We’ve been lucky enough to be interviewed by Laura Bartlett from House of Coco.

Here is a sneak peak of the article:

Clover Norton not only has a super cool name but this is a woman to watch. Whilst working in fashion retail, she discovered her passion and flair for jewellery design. Identifying a potential gap in the jewellery market for message jewellery she took advantage of an impending career break for motherhood coupled with swapping her London life for a quieter one in the leafy suburbs of Hampshire, to launch her own venture, Synergy Jewellery in 2015.

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How was January for you?

Are we done yet January?

So how was January for you? If I had to choose my least favourite month of the year, January would be the hands down winner. For me, it is the bleakest month: That depressing, post –Christmas hangover lingers on and on and is made worse by weather that is at best, dull and grey and at worst, freezing and wet. And don’t get me started on the short days and lack of daylight. Colds, flu and winter bugs are usually doing the rounds and my energy and enthusiasm levels are at their lowest. January just does not inspire me and this explains why my new year’s resolutions in the past have always been doomed to fail.

So this year I haven’t fought for a car parking space at the leisure centre only to find that the class I wanted to do was full, or risked life and limb going for a cross-country run in the mud and rain. I haven’t picked up any self-help book, and I haven’t decluttered or tried to reorganise my kitchen cupboards yet. Instead, I have eased myself through January. I have been kind to myself and kept my expectations realistic for what is my most lethargic time of the year. January this year, has been about early nights, cosying up with my loved ones, catching up on the movies, box sets and books that I missed last year and generally looking after myself. I have spent some time setting myself my goals for the year- I have a list of negative habits that I want to work on changing and opportunities that I want to pursue but they don’t start in January because it is just not the right time for me.

My own experience has taught me that we can only make successful and permanent changes to our lives when we are really ready for them and that won’t necessarily coincide with the start of a new calendar year. For example, it was ApriI last year when I chose to change my eating habits and exercise more. At that time (and after a shocking reality check with the scales at the doctors) my mindset and motivation were totally in the right place and eight months later I am three and a half stone lighter and living a completely different lifestyle than before. It was early November when I realised that I just didn’t enjoy having a drink anymore, so I just stopped completely and apart from the mandatory glass of Prosecco over Christmas and New Year, I still don’t miss it in the slightest.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are reading this with new year’s resolutions still intact and working for you then I have total admiration and well done you! But if like many others, you have already fallen off the wagon spectacularly or otherwise, don’t sweat it, it’s only a bump in the road not abject failure. Just wait until you are in the right frame of mind to make that goal a reality and jump back in that saddle again – The magic doesn’t have to happen in January.