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The ultimate Synergy gift guide

Your Synergy Gift Guide

Each piece of jewellery tells a story of my life. Picking one particular piece as a favourite would be like taking a chapter out of a book.

– Erin Watson –

Knowing what to buy someone can be difficult to say the least, so we’ve designed a gift guide for you to find the perfect present for someone you love. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and that’s why Synergy Jewellery is ideal.

For the Partner

When it comes to a loved one, there’s nothing more fitting than the Synergy Necklace. Our original design features five words around each layer: Love, Belief, Courage, Gratitude and Happiness. As well as a beautiful piece of jewellery, it carries a heartfelt message, making it a much more meaningful gift to show your partner how much they mean to you.

For the Daughter

Fitting for any age, our Stacking Rings offer a variety of meanings with the lovely words each one has engraved. Sometimes it can be hard to decide on what to buy your daughter, but these simple rings match any taste, as well as sending a kind message.

For the Mother

Inspired by the wonderful women who wear Synergy Jewellery, the Shine Bright truly does live up to it’s name. Eye-catching and dazzling, this necklace shows confidence and power. This piece is perfect for a mother: who could shine brighter in your eyes?

For the Best Friend

A new take on the classic friendship bracelet, our Sister Bracelet was meant for your best friend’s wrist. With a choice of different words engraved on them, each bracelet is a delicate reminder of how much our friends mean to us. Plus, they work even better as a group buy, so each of your friends can wear matching bracelets.

For the Fashionista

We all know someone who likes to turn heads. Their confidence and ease radiates from them, and you always know they’re going to look flawless. Let them step out into the light with the Sparkle Necklace, a piece of jewellery with enough personality to match theirs.

For the Spiritual Goddess

Here’s to the friend who has everything together. They know what’s good for their minds and exercise spiritual awareness. Plus, they actually go to the yoga classes you’ve always wanted to try. Our Synergy Bangle was made for them. Both stunning and peaceful, it reminds whoever wears it how important it is to be mindful.

For the Simple Chic

Some people prefer understated jewellery, opting for basic, elegant pieces. Our new Aura necklaces are the perfect option for those who like to tie outfits together without throwing them into glamour. Wearable with any outfit, the fresh mix of colours add a gentle touch of class and meaning.

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