Synergy Birthstone Necklaces


Synergy Birthstone Necklace with beautiful words and affirmations inscribed; Love, Belief, Courage, Gratitude & Happiness.



Synergy Birthstone Necklaces

Combine the power of the colour of your birthstone with the beautiful words of Synergy for a unique piece of jewellery inspired by positivity.

January – Red; Ambitious, serious, hardworking, productive, reserved, attentive, secretly romantic, loyal and homely.

February – Purple; Creative, shy, clever, honest, loves freedom, sensitive, rebellious, suspicious and daring.

March – Light Blue; Attractive, secretive, serene, affectionate, trustworthy, dreamer, moody and talented.

April – Clear; Dynamic, fearless, diplomatic, revengeful, adventurous, hasty, friendly, motivating and strong.

May – Dark Green; Beautiful, sharp, deep, easily influenced, imaginative, understanding, restless, hardworking, spendthrift and high spirited.

June – Pink; Polite, daydreamer, temperamental, abiding, humorous, talkative, stubborn, ideas person and hesitant.

July – Orange; Fun, tactful, approachable, logical, forgiving, temperamental, witty, emotional, caring, wary and homely.

August – Light Green; Attractive, brave, firm, generous, egotistic, extraordinary, jealous, observant, careful, hasty and romantic.

September – Dark Blue; Calm, trustworthy, cautious, cool, secretive, understanding, systematic, honest, choosy, sympathetic and suave.

October – Violet; Daydreamer, opinionated, just and fair, spendthrift, softly spoken, selfish, decisive, concerned, popular and good looking.

November – Yellow; Inquisitive, difficult to fathom, dynamic, sharp, brilliant, patient, determined, unpredictable, high spirited and romantic.

December Black; Loyal, impatient, fun, sociable, short tempered, hates restrictions, influential, hasty, ambitious, generous and active.

Made from:

925 Sterling silver with box chain and cubic zirconia core.


Diameter of the widest sphere: 2.3cm

Width of CZ Love: 0.9cm

Box chain length: Adjustable 18 inch

All of our jewellery pieces include gift wrapping, a beautiful message card to match the affirmations and a luxury gift box tied with a satin ribbon. Read the messages here.

We will happily send your item directly to your gift recipient. No reference to the value of the item will be included. At the checkout please select the ‘gift receipt’ option and include a message that we will include with the package.

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January Red, February Purple, March Light Blue, April Clear, May Dark Green, June Pink, July Orange, August Light Green, September Dark Blue, October Violet, November Yellow, December Black


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