Sterling Silver Courage Cloud Adjustable Necklace


Beautiful Storm necklace inspired by nature; Everything passes.

Adjustable necklace – 5 settings (14,16,18,20 & 21 inch).


Beautiful Storm necklace inspired by nature; Everything passes.

Storm message card –

Wear storm and know that the challenges in life shape you. Everything in nature is a cycle. Don’t fear the rain, it is required for growth and lightning maintains earth’s electrical balance. When you come to peace with your challenges they become your friends and teachers. Storm is a reminder that everything passes, you can handle it, rainbows are on their way.

All of our jewellery pieces include gift wrapping, a beautiful message card, and a luxury gift box tied with a satin ribbon.

We will happily send your item directly to your gift recipient. At the checkout please select the ‘gift receipt’ option and include a message that we will happily include with the package.

made from:

Sterling Silver, 18ct gold plated and rose gold plated.

Synergy Jewellery

We use high-quality 0.2 – 0.3 micron plating that should last depending on how the jewellery is maintained. The amount of contact the item has with the world will impact the plating. Plating on a ring will normally wear off much faster than plating on a pendant or bracelet because a ring constantly rubs against fingers and objects throughout the day if the item is in a lot of contact with water, soaps, creams and perfumes this will also impact the plating.


Symbol 1cm.

Necklace adjustable – 5 settings (14,16,18,20 & 21 inch).


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