Angel of Courage – Michael


Courage / Michael

This unique design is inspired by the Chapel of Angels in the Cathedral of Winchester, Hampshire.

Ideal for opulent luxury guardian angel gifts.

925 Sterling silver or 18 ct Gold plated on brass. Each angel has a gorgeous crystal heart (cubic zirconia) stone. Each Angel is beautifully packaged with a complementary gift card.

Michael / CourageĀ  Message Card

This Angel has come into your life to help you along the way.

Have courage in your daily life and you will have the strength and confidence to confront everything that the day might bring. Courage is needed to achieve, to make changes, to take risks, and to live life to the full. With courage, you are fearless, focused and determined.

Your Synergy Angel will be a reminder that you are a strong person who can take on any challenge with dignity and integrity.

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Guardian Angel Gifts 925 Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold Plated

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925 Sterling Silver


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