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A day at the Christmas market

A day on the market stall

Women are amazing… yes, believe it, if you are a woman, you are amazing!

Not just because we actually bring people into this world…. duh! We are amazing because we share our knowledge, our wisdom and our experiences with each other. We love unconditionally, we nurture, we feed our families daily and we keep our nest homely. We teach our children, we set them rules and we support them. We work and look after our elders. Take a minute to think about what an incredible job we all do and why we do it… We do this out of pure love, often asking for nothing in return because we love our families, our friends and colleagues unreservedly.

I love selling at the arts and crafts markets. I get to talk to my customers face to face and as I explain to them the meaning of the Synergy Necklace I can see them starting to think of someone in their lives who deserves to own and cherish one. I always like to gently ask, or maybe a customer will tell me who they are getting the Synergy Necklace for. It could be their daughter, their mother, their child’s godmother, their wife, their sister, their girlfriend, or even as a treat for themselves.

The truth is, is that the Synergy Necklace was created for all women because no matter who we are, whatever our age or what we do, we all need to feel appreciated.

Sometimes a customer will want to tell me a bit more about the person they are buying for and I am delighted to hear their personal stories. It filled me with so much joy to hear how two ladies, friends for 25 years, met. One lady explained to me that when her mother died, her mother’s friend had stepped in and been there for her ever since. Another explained that her daughter was going traveling around the world for a year and she wanted her to have something special to carry with her while she was away. One gentleman bought his wife a necklace for their 45th anniversary and he told me how in love with her he still was. Another lady bought one for her sister to wear on her wedding day.

With so many crazy things happening in the world, hearing tales of love, compassion and family from total strangers in a tiny little village hall, restores my faith in humankind.

I believe we all radiate love, we just need to be able to shine and that is why the core of the Synergy Necklace is the CZ (cubic zirconia) representing light. We all deserve to be given beautiful things and the Synergy Necklace is truly a gift with sentiment. It is a gift of love and light to remind the women in our lives how special they truly are.

Do you have a story you would like to share about the women in your life? Do any of these stories strike a chord with you? Has someone given you a Synergy Necklace as a gift? We would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.





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Why these words

I would place these five words throughout five different points of my home and by the time I was ready to leave the house, I would feel better.

Love by my bedside table to remind me of the Love I already had, my son.

Belief on the bathroom mirror, Belief in a better future.

Courage on the fridge – be brave, come on you can do this!

Gratitude in the living room – at least I have a roof over my head and shoes on my feet


Happiness, on the inside of the front door – smile big, fake it until you make it – as I walked out of the door…!

Visualising these five words helped me take little steps to grow in confidence and get stronger every day.

I hope that by designing this necklace and sharing this story I can help other women. Everyone can use these tools.

These five humble words are engraved for you in sterling silver. Wear them on your Synergy Necklace and may they be a visual reminder to help you feel good and positive, every day.

Below is a poem I wrote during this time.

Cross Roads

In the beginning, what could I see?
I saw the light, drift away with might.
Was that the feeling of inner peace?
First given to us, but seems to cease.

If I was to look into myself and see
The sweet tunes of my melody
I’d look for answers of my soul
To understand my flight for whole

The arrows are pointing to a place of light
To fulfill my emptiness of what’s right
This pain is an illusion, but felt so deep
Where is the remedy of being able to sleep?

I’m tired of trying, but haven’t tried enough
Who holds the key to building me up!
The key is hidden deep down inside
If I reach to find it, I’ll be on my ride
A ride to freedom, to the unknown
I stand up, and I’m ready to Go!

Can you relate to this story? Have you every had to pick yourself up, dust your self down and start again? What or who helped you?