Synergy Experiences

The Launch of Synergy Experiences

Now we want to take Clover’s vision even further. After two years of working closely with our customers, many of whom we have been fortunate to meet, we realise how everyone relates to these 5 humble words, that somehow,  within Clover’s own desperation she tapped into 5 major layers of life. They  are 5 positive affirmations that can empower you in every single way, it is a simple  formula that anyone can master. The purpose of our retreats is  to create  a space, a safe sanctuary to reconnect, to cleanse,  nurture  and work softly on these affirmations and mindfulness.

Mindfulness has become a buzzword in recent times. But, what is mindfulness?

We have over 20 years of experience in mindfulness and yoga. The Synergy Experience team are qualified yoga, mindfulness and meditation teachers. We run day and weekend retreats across the UK and Europe for groups or individuals.

We introduce mindfulness activities and practices on our retreats that can easily be brought to your daily life at home or at work.

We would love to invite you to join us on our next day retreat on Tuesday 17th April 2018, to explore and discover the benefits of our retreats.

Before you decide, ask yourself this question?

Trust me, I know!  Everything is a priority, our children, our work, our partners, our  friends, our parents, our pets… Everything!

You will return from our retreat feeling  empowered & happier, and you will have the tools to continue feeling like this at home.  And absolutely everyone around you will benefit from a stronger you.

Be good to yourself, you are so important.

Love Clover x

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Tracey Amanda Worth reviewed Synergy Experiences5 stars

· Thank you so much for everything. The experience has turned my life around. It came at a time that I really needed inspiring and uplifting. And it has definitely done that!!
The yoga class was the best I ever done. The massage was the best I’ve ever had. The healthy food was the best I’ve ever tasted.
The house and grounds and views are beautiful. The dogs a delight.
Thank you Clover Nina and Mandy.
Just done my 15 min yoga and 5min meditation. I’m now off shopping for all my new healthy ingredients for cooking great food.
I am happy.
I believe and have the courage to improve.
I am grateful to have had this experience.
I love. X

Sarah Stevens reviewed Synergy Experiences5 stars

· I have with sadness come to the end of this retreat and it surpassed ALL my expectations, delicious healthy food inspiring yoga, Nina and Clover know what they are talking about in a non judgemental informative way!!!! Lovely women too!!
I am returning to the UK with encouragement and commitment to continue with what I have learnt. The accommodation is very comfortable, beautiful surroundings, dog friendly and traditional.